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Why Use Horse Clippers?

As soon as autumn arrives, horses start to develop a thick winter coat. For horses that live out, unrugged, their winter coat offers essential protection from the cold, wet weather. However, for horses that are that are in regular work, a winter coat becomes a hindrance, causing them to sweat heavily.

By clipping a horse, you can minimise sweating and enable them to cool and dry quicker and more effectively. Horse clipping therefore not only cuts down on grooming time, but can also prevent a horse from catching a chill.

This horse clipping website has been created by Lister Shearing Equipment to help you get the best clipping results. Our clipping guide is designed to help you improve your clipping skills and choose the best horse clippers for your horse.

“Take the time to find a horse clipper that suits you. If you find the right horse clipper, horse clipping will be easy and enjoyable.”

Karen Hughes, Professional Groom for Harry Mead’s Eventing