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“A” Series Blades

Part Number 

A2/AC Medium258-11842
A2/AC Medium – Metal Socket258-11840
A2F/AC Fine258-11852
A2F/AC Fine – Metal Socket258-11850
CA2/AC Coarse258-11860
A2C/AC Close258-12620
A2S/AC Surgical258-12552

Hog Blade

Sometimes you need to tidy an animal up but want to leave a longer coat. The lifter blade will allow you to do this, with two available leaving either 13mm or 19mm of hair.


Part Number

A2H/AC 13mm258-12720
A2H/AC 19mm258-12730

Wizard Blade

Designed to allow shearing duties to be achieved using a clipper. Available as a stronger 13T blade or a 20T version which will give a show quality finish.


Part Number 

Wizard 13 Tooth Wool258-12580
Wizard 13 Tooth Cattle258-12570
Wizard 20 Tooth Wool258-12600
Wizard 20 Tooth Cattle258-12590

Libretto Max Blade


Competition Series Blades Part Number 



Clipper Holdall


The Lister holdall is perfect for carting around all your clipping gear. This large and sturdy bag is constructed from durable canvas, with double stitched seams and high quality zips to ensure it lasts.

With exterior pockets and plenty of space for oil, blades and other accessories, this holdall is perfect for transporting your clippers.