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Choosing a Clipper or Trimmer

Choosing a Clipper or Trimmer

Buying a set of horse clippers is an important investment and one that will last you many years, so you want to make sure you choose the best clippers for your needs. Karen Hughes, a professional groom for Harry Mead’s eventing stables says, “Take the time to find a clipper that suits you. If you find the right horse clipper, clipping will be easy and enjoyable.”

When buying a set of horse clippers you should think about:

1. How comfortable the product will be to use

This includes thinking about factors such as what weight, grip diameter and shape will be most comfortable for you.

2. What type of horse clip you would like to do

If you’re thinking of giving your horse a clip bigger than a bib clip, then a light-duty clipper will not be powerful enough. You will need to consider a medium-duty clipper, such as Star or a heavy duty clipper, such as the Legend.

3. Your horse

If you have a fine-coated warmblood and will only be doing a bib clip, you may be able to use a light-duty clipper/trimmer, such as Libretto. If you have a hairy cob, you would be better off with medium- or heavy-duty horse clippers, such as Star or Legend. If you have a nervous or young horse, relatively quiet horse clippers with minimal vibration would be a good choice, such as Legend or Liberty. Some professional grooms, such as Alison Gould, prefer to use battery powered clippers when clipping young or nervous horses because you don’t have to worry about a cord trailing behind you.

4. Your facilities

Some clippers are battery horse clippers, some are mains powered and some come even with vehicle leads to connect to the battery of your car. If you don’t have electricity at your yard, you’ll need to buy battery horse clippers or ones with vehicle leads, such as Liberty clippers. If you have electricity, you’ll have a much wider clipper choice, such as Legend and Star, as well as Liberty.

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